Systems and cybernetics

Prof. dr. Juš Kocijan

Juš Kocijan is a Senior Researcher with the Jožef Stefan Institute and a Professor of electrical engineering with the University of Nova Gorica. His research interest includes the modelling and control of dynamic systems. His other activities include serving as an editor and on the editorial boards of research journals and a vice-chair for the IFAC Technical Committee on Computational Intelligence in Control. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE and a Member of the SLOSIM-Slovenian Society for Simulation and Modelling and Automatic Control Society of Slovenia.

Research programme: Systems and Control
Training topic: Modeling and control of dynamic systems

The objectives of the proposed research topic for PhD project are to develop methods for dynamic system modelling based on machine learning methods like kernel methods or to improve the existing data-driven modelling procedures to be better suited for the targeted application. The models obtained are meant for different applications, each representing a potential PhD project, which are as follows.

  • Modelling of spatiotemporal systems using Gaussian processes and image or video forecasting, e.g., for modelling pollution dispersion
  • Designing of adaptive and robust control systems that handle signal and safety constraints in complex dynamic systems.