Dr. Nina Kostevšek

received her PhD in 2016 at the Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School, followed by postdoctoral training at UEA Norwich, Great Britain (2016-2017). He is currently engaged in research on nanomaterials for medical applications: development of contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging based on magnetic nanoparticles, photo-thermal therapy, preparation of cell-based drug delivery systems (e.g. erythrocyte membranes) for the delivery of nucleic acids for gene therapy.

Research programme: Nanostructured materials
Training topic: Preparation of biomimetic nanoparticles for medical applications

Despite great progress in the field of nanomedicine, most synthetic nanoparticles are recognized by the immune system as foreign, which leads to their rapid removal from the bloodstream and, consequently, a significant reduction in the effectiveness of treatment. New approaches in the development of drug delivery systems are needed to improve treatment efficacy and to ensure safety. A new trend in this field is the preparation of so-called biomimetic nanoparticles, which are prepared from the body’s own cells. The project work will include the preparation of biomimetic nanocarriers made od erythrocyte membranes, encapsulation of active agents (nucleic acids or contrast agents) and also extensive characterization of the prepared nano-carriers. The candidate will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the challenges in the treatment and diagnosis of cancer, new techniques of synthesis and characterization and will also participate in the process of pre-clinical testing of prepared nanostructures. The work will take place at the Department of Nanostructured Materials at the “Jožef Stefan” Institute under the mentorship of dr. Nina Kostevšek. A 4 year PhD position is a fully-funded, starting in October 2023.

More information about the department and the supervisor can be found here:

Minimum requirements for application:

  • master degree from chemistry, pharmacy or biology (degree awarded until September 2023),
  • grade point average (exams and lab classes excluding the undergraduate thesis) above 8,
  • knowledge of English